What kind of Makeup should I wear to my headshot session

Here are my makeup recommendations for your headshot photo session.

  • I highly recommend purchasing Smashbox Photo finish foundation, primer, and NYX SHINE KILLER if you are doing your own makeup.  You can pick up these products at Ulta or online thru Amazon
  • Most make-up today has SPF which reflects light into the camera and is very difficult to remove from your skin in your image with Photoshop and still have your skin looking natural. So, try and avoid that situation.
  • If you can, do NOT wear a moisturizer with SPF on the day of your photo session.
  • Wear the makeup that you would wear for a nice evening out. Well done, but not overdone.

Professional photographer Florence Catania suggests that you keep your make-up simple and classic.  You want to bring out your best features but not scream you are wearing a lot of make-up, or that your headshot is dated because you are wearing trendy makeup that went out last year.

  • Do not wear shiny foundation, bronzer or sparkly eye makeup. It will not photograph well.  If you are going to wear eye makeup make sure it is muted, like a taupe that just enhances your eye color but does not scream eye make- up
  • Do NOT outline your eyes with heavy eyeliner, subtle is best. Your eyes are where people look first in an image, usually, just mascara is all you need.

If you normally do not normally wear makeup, your pictures will look better if you at least wear a foundation. This will help even out your skin tone. A little mascara, light blush, and some lip gloss

Bring a hairbrush, hairspray, lipstick, and lip gloss in case you need to touch up.

A lip gloss to put a shine on your lips is always a good thing.

Quick tips

  • Makeup, with a natural look, is recommended for women.
  • Light eye makeup
  • No false eyelashes
  • Neutral or light lip color
  • No makeup for men (I have products to deal with shiny skin)