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Actor headshot Pricing





IMAGE(S) you purchase
$100 each

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Unlimited Shooting Time

Every photo session is customized to your needs.  I want you to leave the studio with images that help you succeed.


Preparation Information

I send you information on what to wear, grooming, skin, makeup and jewelry tips.


Unlimited Outfits

You can bring all the outfits you would like to get captured in front of the camera. I will give you guidance on what will work best.


Professional Retouching

Every image you purchase is fully professionally retouched – ie. teeth whitening, blemish removal, stray hair removal, etc.



I will pick a color that will be best for your outfit If you need something specific we can match existing website backgrounds.


1 on 1 Selection Help

You and I will sit down and review all of the images and pick the images that you would like to purchase.

– At the end of the session, we will sit down together, review the images and you will make your final decision on which images you would like to purchase.

– Images are delivered via download and come in several different versions tailored for the acting industry. 

This is was my first time taking acting headshots, and within 10 minutes of the session, I was already feeling comfortable and having fun. I was able to get the quality and type of headshots I wanted. It was an amazing experience, I recommend CMQ Headshots to anyone needing headshots!



My experience with Cindy was Amazing!  The headshots came out phenomenal, she took her time and had attention to detail. My Actor headshots Rocked!



Cindy was truly delightful to work with.  Cindy was extremely patient and made sure I looked and felt my best throughout the entire session. Cindy is kind, professional, and wonderfully talented. I would recommend her to everyone looking for the perfect headshot.



Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Square, Check, Cash, Trips to Australia, or Italy.

When will I get my final images back?

Your final images will be done within 7 business days from the time you selected your favorite images.

Same day Retouching – is available at an additional fee of $50.00

Can you help me relax?

I hear this all the time.  In my studio, it’s just you and I.  I have great music playing and I have a confident and calm demeanor, and within a short period of time, I will demonstrate my skills in posing and lighting you. I shoot tethered to my laptop so that I can show you immediately what I am getting.  Then I will coach you, to get you to be your natural self.  Then we will capture great natural-looking pictures of the best of you.

Do I need a Pro Make-up Artist?

A really good professional make-up artist is definitely worth the money, especially if you have rosacea or if your skin tone is not even.  If your eyebrows need some help or if you don’t put on makeup regularly. I can provide you with the names of soome good MUA when you book.

What size are the final images?

Your final image will come in 2 different sizes, for each image you purchase. one horizontal and one vertical of each image in full resolution 8×10 @ 300 dpi, also a black and white social media image.

What should I wear?

I send you documentation on what to wear and how to prepare for your headshot session once you have booked. 

Will you retouch my Photos?

CMQ Headshots will retouch your final images in the most natural-looking way possible.  Don’t worry about a nick with the razor or the zit that popped up the day of your session we can easily remove them in photoshop.  Every image is manually edited, we do not use plug-ins and that is why our final images look so great and natural.

Do you have hair advise?

I want you to look like you normally do on your best day.  Most men and women know their hair better than anyone else.   You know when your hair looks best either the day after a shower or the day of the shower.

If you have a hairstylist or a barber who knows your hair well and you like the way they do it, then absolutely make an appointment but don’t do anything different than the way you normally wear your hair.

For women,  we move your hair around a lot during a headshot session so don’t spray it will ultra hold hair hairspray.  Use something that will let your hair move.

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