Makeup and Hair Tips for your Professional Headshot

Make up for your headshot session

  • If you opted for professional makeup I can recommend a few.  If you would prefer to hire someone on your own ensure that they know that this is for a headshot photography session and needs to be photo-ready and subtle.
  • If you choose to do your makeup, use a light hand. Your makeup should be natural and blended well.

I interviewed headshot photographer Norman Jaillet on this subject and he said, “While thinking of a natural look with makeup, don’t forget this pertains to eyelashes as well.  Although false eyelashes are “in” these days, in a close-up photograph of your face they look unnatural and will date your headshot as soon as they go out of style. “

  • Lipstick should be your natural lip color or one shade darker. It should be glossy and not matte. No visible lip liner.
  • Eyes should be defined but natural. Soft blended eyeliner. No hard-edged liquid eyeliner. Neutral-colored eye shadow is usually best.
  • No false eyelashes unless you are used to wearing and applying them.
  • Wear mascara and curl your lashes.
  • Please bring makeup for retouching.

How should you do your hair for a headshot photo session?

  • Take your time to style your hair nicely.
  • Don’t get a haircut within a week of your headshot session.
  • Bring what you use to style your hair and manage flyaways.

For Men

  • Shave before you come and trim any facial hair.
  • Remember not to use moisturizer with SPF
  • Don’t forget your nose hairs.
  • Trim or remove any wild eyebrow hairs.
  • Remove ear hairs
  • Make sure your neck is free of random hairs
  • Get a haircut a week before your headshot session.
  • Make sure you come with clean hair styled how you normally wear your hair.