What kind of clothing and prep should I wear to my headshot session – Men?

How to prepare

Make sure that the day of your photo session you get a very close shave.
A couple of days before the headshot get a haircut so it looks its best.
Trim your eyebrows, ensure no stray hairs (don’t forget between the eyebrows)
Trim ear and nose hair
Trim and clean fingernails. 
Bring a comb or hairbrush for touch-ups during your session.

**What type of clothes should I wear?**

This image will be used to represent you so you need to dress accordingly. 
You’ll want to wear attire that is classic and timeless so you can use your photos for an extended time.

Bring 3 different looks;

  1. Bring nice dress shirts or golf shirts. 
  2. Bring a sports jacket for a different look.
  3. Bring a suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie.  

Bring 6 different shirts and 6 golf shirts that are clean and pressed that you have actually tried on and they fit you well.   

The Men’s Wearhouse is very helpful if you don’t know what color you should wear they can answer all of those questions regarding the right fit and colors for men.  

These are  just a guideline 

It is best to wear long sleeve shirts for your portrait, without an undershirt. 

You also want to be somewhat comfortable in what you’re wearing or your picture will look stiff and unnatural. But be aware of clothing that wrinkles easily as that will look sloppy and unflattering.

Men wear your nicest fitted shirt. If your shirt is baggy it is unflattering and the camera will only make it look worse.

Also if it is too tight it is not attractive. Invest in a tailored shirt if you can. 

**What colors photograph best/worst?**

As stated above, Solid colors photograph best, and most people look good in mid tones (green, blue, medium grey, etc.). I suggest you go to a good menswear store and ask for color help from a salesperson. They will suggest colors that will enhance your skin, eyes, and hair.

 A crisp white shirt under a suit jacket with a tie will look great just not usually alone if you are pale skinned and light color hair. 

Avoid wearing clothing with patterns or accessories that distract from your face. Very bright reds, yellows, and oranges can also be distracting.  Keep this in mind when considering which ties you bring to your session.  Again they shouldn’t be too bold or demand too much attention. 

Fellow headshot photographer Garrin Evan says: “Men shouldn’t shy away from pinks and mauves if you have a dark complexion or grey hair”.