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What kind of clothing should I wear to my headshot session – Women?
A male wear great clothing for a headshot in front of a grey backgorund

What kind of clothing should I wear to my headshot session – Women?

This image will be used to represent you and/or your company/business so you need to dress accordingly. You’ll want to wear professional business attire that is classic and timeless so you can use your photos for a couple of years.

This is just a guideline;

* Women should wear a blouse or top that fits well, not loose or baggy.  Not too tight or pulling.  Do not wear a batwing shirt, it will make you look much bigger than you are.

*Stay away from large patterned shirts. A solid color is best.

* A tailored jacket is worth its weight in gold, it can be added easily and quickly over a shirt or top, bring a couple of jackets so you have some choices.  I will help you decide what to wear.  I will ask you to check you jacket for shoulder pads.  Depending on the age of you jacket it may have huge shoulder pads that will only make you look bigger than you are in real photos. 

Also if you have a colored jacket, navy, brown, grey bring it along to mix and match with the shirts/tops you bring.

It looks more professional to wear a long sleeve shirt for your Headshot image. Long sleeves are much more flattering on arms than short sleeves.

A fellow headshot photographer, Robert Reed, from San Jose, Ca, says you also want to be somewhat comfortable in what you’re wearing or your picture will look stiff and unnatural. But be aware of clothing that wrinkles easily as that will look sloppy and unprofessional.

What colors photograph best/worst?

  • Solid colors photograph best, and most people look good in mid tones (grey, green, blue, brown, etc.).
  • Try and wear something that will bring out the color of your eyes as well as enhance your skin tones.
  • Be aware of colors that approximate your flesh tones (this might be beige, tan, or very pale peach and light pink) you should try and avoid these colors for your tops.
  • Very bright reds, yellows, and oranges can also be distracting. but are fine under a jacket.

In my humble opinion, a colorful sleeveless shell is a good combination for professional women in Arizona.

A document that shows different necklines of tops and what works best for the shape of faces
An image of Jewel tone tops that will flatter all complexions
An image of a navy jacket for women

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