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Which Side Is Your Good Side?

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Which Side Is Your Good Side?

You’ve probably heard people talk about catching their “good side” for photographs. You may have even noticed that some of your pictures look better than others taken on the same day. But what is this mysterious good side? And how do you find it? Prepare for your upcoming headshot session by getting to know your features a little and seeing whether you can spot your good side.

What is the good side?

Scientists studied this phenomenon and confirmed what photography experts have known for years. One side of a person’s face does tend to be more photogenic than the other.

It turns out, one side of our faces is often slightly more expressive than the other. The expression we show on our faces helps us to connect with other people, show our feelings, and convey our personality. Showing this more expressive side of our face often leads to more photogenic pictures.

Capturing the good side

Taking pictures that capture the good side of your face is a little more nuanced than simply turning your head to the side. Most of us have a tendency to tilt our heads one way or the other when we talk to people. This natural response shows our most expressive side to others as we engage with them, helping us to build a connection.

You can sometimes spot the more expressive side of your face by taking note in the mirror which side has features like:

  • Slightly bigger features, especially the eye
  • A greater curve in the lip when you smile
  • More pronounced lines around the eye when you smile big

These small, asymmetrical differences in your face are barely noticeable to everyone around you, but they can help your photographer capture your most personality-filled expressions and help you connect with people immediately.

Communicating with your photographer

Despite fancy cameras and the expertly-trained eye of the photographer, communication is one of the best tools available to you during a professional headshot session. It is the key to capturing the best pictures possible both now and in the future as you learn how to relax and pose effortlessly.

Talking honestly with clients about what is on their minds helps us to quickly help them with any issues and find solutions. To help your photographer find the best angles and bring your personality out during your session, communicate openly with them about your feelings, including:

  • Any thoughts on your best side or angles.
  • Nervous feelings that you fear may get in the way.
  • Particular blemishes you would like retouching after the session.
  • Your past experiences with photo shoots and what has worked or not worked for you.
  • What image, message, or personality traits you would like to shine in your new headshots.

Confused by it all? Don’t worry

Still not sure which is your good side and feel overwhelmed with the terminology? No worries! Thankfully, easing a client’s nerves and making each headshot session a fun experience is part of a professional photographer‘s skill set and we always work to produce pictures that look and feel like the real you.


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