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Cindy Quinn Photographer

Hi, I am Cindy,  I can help you relax and feel comfortable during your headshot session. I have many proven tips and tricks that will result in Headshots that SELL YOU!



Cindy was awesome, it was definitely worth the drive, She knows what she’s doing.  I would highly recommend her. 



Cindy really helped me with my facial expressions and how to pose. This is the best headshot I have ever had taken. Highly recommend.



Cindy made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire session.  I’ll be back when it’s time to update.



phoenix business headshot

 Business Headshots

Your career needs a Business Headshot that Sells You!  I am a Professional Headshot Photographer specializing in Headshots.  In our studio, we take the time to get to know you to create Corporate Headshots that meets your needs for your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, and your business website.   Do you need to update your Business headshot?  We can help you!

Professional Headshots

Business Headshots

Corporate Headshots


Scottsdale Professional Staff headshots

On-Location Headshots

We can come to you and set up a mini version of our studio to capture Office Headshots that match your brand. We have been doing on-location headshots or staff headshots for 5 years now and have the process down to make it as easy as possible for you.  On-location Headshots is what we do really well.

Staff Headshots

Office Headshots

Employee Headshots


Headshot for Actor

Actor Headshots

Your agent will tell you to hire a professional photographer for your Actor Headshots.  We can help answer all of questions regarding what casting agents are looking for when it come to your Acting Headshots. If you’re an Actor or Actress wanting to get more calls for roles, call us to schedule your theatrical headshot session.

Acting Headshots

Actress Headshots

Actor Headshots

Professional Headshots 

 If your goal is to connect with people and to enhance your career or grow your business, invest in a professional headshot. Business headshots are vital if you want your career or business to be viewed as professional. When your headshot exudes confidence and professionalism its more likely that you will appear approachable. Approachability leads to greater business success. We all know impressions are formed quickly, now more than ever it is important to convey professionalism and overall capability. Rely on CMQ Headshots to guide you on how to be taken seriously with a professional business headshot.  Here are a few professions that need a professional business headshot;


  • Attorney Headshots

  • Business Headshots

  • Real Estate Headshots

  • Doctor Headshots

  • LinkedIn Headshots

  • Accountant Headshots

  • Lawyer Headshots

  • Executive Headshots

  • Actor Headshots

  • Social Media Headshots

  • Modeling Headshots

  • College Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I get my final images back?

A. We try and send you back your final images within 36 hours of you sending us your choice of favorite images.

Same day Retouching - $55.00/each

Q. Can you help me Relax? 

A. I hear this all the time.  In my studio it's just you and I.  I have great music playing and I have a confident and calm demeanor, within a short period of time I will demonstrate my skills in posing and lighting you.   I shoot tethered to my laptop so that I can show you immediately what I am getting.  Then I will teach you tips and trick to get you out of your own way and just be your natural self.  Then we will capture great natural looking pictures of the best you.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Square, Check, Cash, Trips to Australia, or Italy.

Q.  What should I wear? 

A. We send you documentation on what to wear and how to prepare for your headshot session once you have booked, however, here are some quick guidelines.

Guideline for Men
Men should wear a shirt that fits well. We highly recommend a tailored shirt that is NOT loose or tight.
Stay away from large pattern shirts.  Solid colors are best.
A tailored suit jacket can be easily added over a shirt for a different look. Bring a couple of jackets and shirts so you have some choices.
It looks more professional to wear a long sleeve shirt for your headshot.
Bring at least 5 different shirts

Guideline for Women
Women should wear a blouse or top that fits well, not loose or baggy or that shows too much cleavage.
Stay away from large pattern shirts. A solid color is best.
A tailored jacket can be easily be added quickly over a shirt or top, changing up the look.  Bring a couple of tailored jackets so you have some choices.
It looks more professional to wear a long sleeve shirt for your headshot.

Bring at least 5-6  different shirts just in case they don't work in front of the camera.

Again, we provide you with detailed documentation that tells you how to prepare for your headshot once you book your session.   We even have videos for you to watch.

Q.  Will you retouch my Photos?

A.  Depending on the headshot session you choose, CMQ Headshots will retouch your final images in the most natural looking way possible.  Don't worry about a nick with the razor or the zit that popped up the day of your session we can easily remove them in photoshop.  Wrinkles can be softened manually in photoshop.  Every image is manually edited, we do not use plug-ins and that is why our final images look so great and natural.

Q. Who needs a headshot? 

A. These days everyone needs a great headshot.  With social media everyone can quickly look you up and find out what you look like.  Remember that old saying "Dress for success?" , well now it's even more important, regardless of what industry you are in, you need a great headshot in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter that looks professional.

Q. What size are the final images?

A. Your final images will come in 3 sizes.   For each image you will receive a 5x7 300 dpi image, a LinkedIn profile size image, a Facebook profile size image, and a Black & White social media sized image.

A. Do I need a Professional Make-up Artist?

A.  A really good professional make-up artist is definitely worth the money, especially if you have rosacea or if your skin tone is not even.  If your eyebrows need some help or if you don't put on makeup regularly. I can provide you with names of good MUA when you book. The idea with headshot make-up is for you to look like a well-rested You.

If you don't want to use a professional MUA I provide you with names of the best make up to use for your photo sessions.

Q.  What should I do with my hair for my headshot session? 

A.  Again, we want you to look like you on your best day.  Most women and men I photograph know their hair better than anyone.   They know if their hair looks best the day after a shower or the day of the shower.

If you have a hair stylist or a barber who knows your hair well and you like the way they do it, then absolutely make an appointment but don't do anything different then the way you normally wear your hair.

For women,  we move your hair around a lot during a headshot session so don't spray it will ultra hold hair hairspray.  Use something that will let your hair move.


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